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I placed an order via your website for a CSA Alpine Tracker on 12/12/2006.The item was delivered and was not opened until after Christmas 2006.

When we assembled the Apline Tracker, the wheels literally crumbled. I have called your office several times to obtain replacement wheels. I have given my contact information each of those times. I was then told that someone would call me back.

I am still waiting for my call back from my original call in January 2007. I have emailed several times as well. I thought that would be a better way to contact you as the telephone communication is lacking in several areas. I still continue to call, last week and today, still no response.

I have also sent an email today.

Since my product was defective and I have not received an adequate response or any for that matter, I would like my money to be refunded.

Please contact me within 30 days or I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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I experienced the same thing with my alpine tracker.Never was able to use it due to the wheels crumbling in the box.

Buy fitness now has a disclaimer of the machine is sold "as is" which was not there when I purchased it 2 years ago. Buy are crooks! Shame on them.

I recently took off the foot rests to see if I can replace the wheels but not sure where to start.A skate shop maybe?


I have the roller wheels for the CSA Alpine Tracker there are 4 per pad. They are black instead of grey. So if anyone needs them my email is


Hi, luckily I got my Alpine Tracker FREE, off of craigslist Other then the trouble with the wheels, how do most of you owners like the tracker? Also, my wheels are OK now, but when they go bad, where is the best place to purchase the wheels, or don't they carry them in stock anymore? Thanks alot


I also need the wheels, where can you get them? I ordered from buy fitness online and they said they are out of stock, how long does it take to get them?

Butterfield, Minnesota, United States #237993

Wow John D.You are such a pleasant person!

I ordered this as a present for someone who couldn't use a nordic track!Maybe your mother didn't teach you the rules about being polite.


you get what you pay for, you *** idiots....should have spent your money on nordic track...dumbasses !!

#218683 knew that the CSA Alpine Trackers were defective but they had a ton of them that they are trying to get rid of.In my case they told me they had ordered the wheels already and were awaiting delivery (they knew the wheels didn't work).

The guy showed me the wheel spec's and information about the company they ordered from so I figured I would go ahead and buy the tracker and see if I could lubricate the wheels before use to fix the issue and in a worst case I would have to wait a couple of months for the parts. That was years ago.

They did a great *** job.I also recommend staying away from these guys.


I'm having the same issue with my wheels.I'm glad I caught your complaint before I ordered wheels through Buy Fitness Online.

Too bad I can't seem to find anyone else, yet, that carries these wheels.If you had any luck write me at

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